A review of the species of Psammophis Boie found south of Latitude 12° S (Serpentes: Psammophiinae)

The status, relationships and zoogeography of the 14 taxa of Psammophis found south of Latitude 12° S are reviewed and some taxonomic changes were proposed (Psammophis trinasalis and P. namibensis; Psammophis orientalis; Psammophis brevirostris and P. leopardinus). The database for this study includes that used for the review of P. notostictus and the P. leightoni complex (Broadley 1975) and much of the material available in American, European and southern African museums, totalling nearly 3 000 specimens.

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African Journal of Herpetology

African Journal of Herpetology, 2002 51(2): 83-119.

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