A second record of Scolecomorphus kirkii Boulenger, 1883 (Gymnophiona: Scolecomorphidae) for Mozambique

The herpetofauna of northern Mozambique (Nampula, Niassa, and Cabo Degabo Provinces) remains one of the most poorly-known in Africa. This is a consequence of the physical inaccessibility of the region as well as the protracted civil war, which affected the study of many areas. Mozambique is expected to have a large diversity of herpetofauna due to the variety of different habitat types available and the large size (area) of the country. The lack of scientific studies of northern Mozambique has led to widely disparate and inaccurate summaries of the herpetofaunal diversity of the country.

- Cabo Delgado;
- Nampula;
- Niassa

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