An Ichthyological and Bio-monitoring Survey of Fish Assemblages in the Vunduzi River from it Source on Gorongosa Mountain to its Lower Reaches in the Gorongosa National Park, Moçambique

To date no study has been done on the composition of the itchyofauna in the Vunduzi River or other rivers in the Park. Little is known about the fish populations in the upper reaches of the mountain because it is difficult to access. Hence the goal of this study was twofold. The first aim was to establish the fish composition in the Vunduzi River system and to establish what effect biotic vs. abiotic factors have on species assemblages. Since the Vunduzi River is vital and a continual source of water for Lake Urema and the GNP as a whole this investigation serves as a baseline study to assist Park authorities with decision-making when considering the impact anthropogenic activities such as deforestation and increased settlements.

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