ANNUAL REPORT 2015-Niassa Carnivore Project

Niassa National Reserve (NNR) is located in northern Mozambique on the border with Tanzania. It is both one of the largest protected areas (42 000 km2; 16000 ml2) and most undeveloped places in Africa. The protected area supports the largest concentrations of wildlife remaining in Mozambique including at least a third of the national lion population (1000-1200 individuals out of a National population estimated at 2700 lions) and more than 350 African wild dogs. Free-ranging African lions (Panthera leo) have declined over the last century to fewer than 24,000 today (Riggio et al., 2012; Bauer et al., 2015). While lions are still listed as vulnerable across their whole African range, in the majority of their range, particularly in Eastern...

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