Bodianus atrolumbus (Valenciennes 1839), a valid species of labrid fish from the southwest Indian Ocean

Bodianus atrolumbus (Valenciennes 1839), a labrid fish of the southwest Indian Ocean (type locality Mauritius), was placed in the synonymy of B. perditio (Quoy & Gaimard), antitropical in the Pacific Ocean (type locality Tonga), by Smith (1949) who reported the first record for southern Africa. Juveniles of both species are mostly the same in color, featuring a white bar in the middle of the body, followed dorsally by a large black area. The white bar develops into an oval yellow area dorsally on the body in B. perditio, whereas it narrows to a spindleshaped whitish to pink mark on the upper body that extends below the lateral line in B. atrolumbus.

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