Characterization of a Pleistocene thermal spring in Mozambique


A hydrogeological study was conducted with the objective to investigate the only currently known hot spring of Sofala Province in Mozambique with respect to the origin of the water, the discharge, and its chemical composition. Field investigations comprised a general land use survey, mapping of sediment and water temperatures, discharge measurements and on-site water chemistry as well as sampling for further chemical analyses and groundwater dating. Thermal water discharge occurs along a 100m long NE–SW zone with water temperatures ranging from 42 to 64.5°C. The thermal water is a lowmineralized sodium-chloride-sulfate water enriched in phosphate, fluorine and nickel. The silica geothermometer, the silica concentration of 43mg/kg ...

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DOI 10.1007/s10040-008-0343-9

Hydrogeology Journal (2008) 16: 1655–1668

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