Geology and geomorphology of the Urema Graben with emphasis on the evolution of Lake Urema


The Lake Urema floodplain belongs to the Urema Catchment and is located in the downstream area of the Pungwe River basin in Central Mozambique. The floodplain is situated in the Urema Graben, which is the southern part of the East African Rift System. Little geological information exists about this area. The circulated information is not readily available, and is often controversial and incomplete. In this paper the state of knowledge about the geology and tectonic evolution of the Lake Urema wetland area and the Urema Catchment is compiled, reviewed and updated. This review is intended to be a starting point for approaching practical questions such as: How deep is the Urema Graben? What controls the hydrology of Lake Urema? Where are...

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Journal of African Earth Sciences 58 (2010) 272–284

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