Late Cainozoic Drainage Evolution in the Zambeze Basin: Geomorphological Evidence From The Kalahart Rim


The development of Zambezi drainage system is discussed within the framework of the post Gondwana tectonic evaluation of the southern Afrika. An internal drainage system, including the proto-upper Zambezi has been progressively captured during the Late Cainozoic by a more aggressive coastwise. Supporting geomorphic system evidence is presented from the east Kalahart rim. Drainage alignments and gradients, Zambezi and terrace sequence are discussed. Lacustrine features found in the present watershed between the middle Zambezi and internal system are described and explained as remmants of the former proto-upper Zambezi tributary system. Their interaction with linear dune activity is also examined. Despite the problems of dating drainage...

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journal of Afrika Earth Science Vol 7 No 4 pp 611-618, 1988

journal of Afrika Earth Science Vol 7 No 4 pp 611-618, 1988

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