Long-Term Plan for Hydrological Research: Adaptive Management of Water Resources at Gorongosa National Park

The future of Gorongosa NP depends on the sustainable management of its water resources. Hydrological research and monitoring is thus an essential component of the adaptive management system for Gorongosa NP. This plan aims to generate the data, knowledge, and capacity necessary to address the most important challenges to effective water resource management in the Gorongosa system, including: 􀂃 Maintenance of Lake Urema and associated floodplain wetlands; 􀂃 Deforestation in the catchment; 􀂃 Large dams on the Pungwe and Zambezi Rivers; 􀂃 Water withdrawals and diversions 􀂃 Mercury contamination associated with gold mining; 􀂃 Fertilizer and pesticide runoff from agricultural development schemes; 􀂃 Climate change.

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