Marine Turtles in Maputo Bay and Surroundings

For more than 100 million years, marine turtles have roamed the world’s oceans. These impressive ocean navigators, although possessing biological characteristics inherent to terrestrial reptiles, have developed a number of morphological and physiological adaptations for living in the sea, such as flat and paddleshaped like flippers, streamlined body, enlarged lacrimal glands (Limpus, 1997; Meylan and Meylan, 1999; Wyneken, 2000a) and elastic lungs (Lutz, 1988). The life cycle of a marine turtle begins on the shores of sandy beaches when hatchlings emerge from nests (Meylan and Meylan, 1999).

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In: Bandeira, S. and Paula, J. (eds.), The Maputo Bay Ecosystem.

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