Mt Namuli at 2419 m is the high point of a massif and associated granite peaks situated near Gurué town, Zambézia Province in north-central Mozambique, and the second-highest peak in the country. It is surrounded at lower altitudes by extensive tea plantations, now being rehabilitated, and has perhaps the best agro-ecological conditions in the country. Increasingly, people are settling in the area and slowly encroaching up the slopes. Although recognised for many years as being of particular biological interest, Namuli is not formally protected, is little-explored and the conservation threats to its biodiversity have not yet been properly documented.

- Zambézia

Darwin Initiative Award 15/036: Monitoring and Managing Biodiversity Loss in South-East Africa's Montane Ecosystems

This report gives an account of the Namuli area, the history of its exploration and biological survey, along with the detailed findings of two international scientific expeditions carried out in 2007 under a UK Government Darwin Initiative grant. Covering an area of about 200 km2 above 1200 m, the broader Namuli massif comprises some spectacular rugged granite peaks and an associated series of small plateaux at altitudes of around 1800–2000 m. The extent of moist montane forest is around 1100 ha, most of it above 1700 m, with only about 135 ha of scattered medium-altitude forest below 1600 m.

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