Multi species shark habitat use and migration patterns in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve


We fitted 67 sharks with acoustic tags in the PPMR to investigate their habitat use, site fidelity and migration patterns. Tagged shark species included bull sharks (n = 34), tiger sharks (n = 18), grey reef sharks (n = 8), blacktip sharks (n = 6) and scalloped hammerhead sharks (n = 3). In addition, we deployed satellite tags on tiger sharks (n = 18) and bull sharks (n = 25) to investigate their habitat use outside of the acoustic receiver array. Many of these sharks showed high fidelity seasonal habitat use in the PPMR with the majority of sharks present in the PPMR during the summer months. Between periods of residency in the PPMR tagged sharks undertook largescale migrations as far as Madagascar, northern Mozambique and the western ...

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