Plurality of religion, plurality of justice: exploring the role of religion in disputing processes in Gorongosa, Central Mozambique

It was a rainy day in the beginning of December 2007 when an accident happened on the muddy road between Gorongosa town and Vunduzi in a rural district in central Mozambique. On a curve of a slippery slope, a pick-up truck hit an upcoming motor bike coming from the opposite direction. The motor bike rider was life-threatening wounded. It was soon rumoured however that the actual ‘target’ of the incident had not been the motor driver, but the car driver. The latter’s wife had died two months earlier under what were considered suspicious circumstances. Soon after the pick-up truck driver’s wife had a meal at her sister-in-law’s place, she fell sick and died. Her in-laws were suspected of having killed her by poisoning.

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