Rubies from the Niassa and Cabo Delgado regions of Northern Mozambique


During the past few months, new rubies reported as “Mozambique” appeared in the market in Bangkok and Chanthaburi: After some enquiries in Thailand, Tanzania and Mozambique it seems that this new material is coming from an area near the famous Niassa National Park in Northern Mozambique. At the end of October 2008, Tanzanian broker Abdul M’sellem informed one of the authors (VP) that some new unknown material quite similar to the Winza stones but from another origin probably in the south of Tanzania started to be available in the Mpwapwa gem market, located near the Winza mining area in Tanzania. M’sellem reported that some Tanzanian gem dealers recently started to travel to Songea and Namtumbo to get these stones. After further enquiri...

- Cabo Delgado;
- Niassa

GIA Laboratory, Bangkok

GIA Laboratory, Bangkok

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