Status of range and forage research in Mozambique


Domestic ruminant production n Mozambique's limited by a long dry seasonal nd lack of a well-defined breading season to match forage supply. To date, research on pasture and forages has concentrated mainly on range vegetation mapping' forage adaptation and production from small plots. Little research has been conducted on animal production parse, despite numerous projects focusing on animal health. A key to sustainable use of forage resources require, among other aspects determination f pasture productivity and long-term Carrying capacity using animal output and land conservation parameters, maximum use of local resources Including local seed production, improved use of crop reel dues and the integrated use of native flora and...

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- Gaza;
- Inhambane;
- Manica;
- Maputo;
- Niassa;
- Sofala

DOI: 10.2989/10220110309485800

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