Towards the Establishment of an Ecologically Representative Network of Marine Protected Areas in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique

This publication concerns the marine protected areas (MPAs) of three countries of the Eastern African Marine Ecoregion (EAME): Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. In all three countries, a large proportion of the rapidly increasing coastal population depends on marine resources for their food and income, inshore fisheries are over-exploited and degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems is escalating. MPAs are increasingly recognised as a tool for addressing these problems.

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The aims of this publication are: - Provide guidance on how scientifically-based representative networks of MPAs can be established and its benefits. - Generate a focus on the commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the obligations required relating to MPAs. - Review the status of the network of MPAs in each of the three countries. - Assess the effectiveness of existing MPAs in protecting marine biodiversity and contributing to sustainable livelihoods. - Identify gaps in the network at the level of the EAME and the actions needed to complete it. - Identify areas where international support is most urgently required to help these countries meet their targets and obligations.

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- Biodiversidade Marinha;
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- Áreas Protegidas

- Parque Nacional das Qurimbas;
- Parque Nacional de Arquipelago de Bazaruto;
- Reserva Marinha Parcial da Ponta do Ouro;
- Área de Protecção Ambiental das Ilhas Primeiras e Segundas