What the Kidunda Dam will Destroy: Ecological and Socio-economic Value of Gonabis, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania


As many as 43 mammal species or 13 % of all mammal species found in Tanzania are considered as threatened by the IUCN. This number has increased from 33 (10 %) in 1996 to 43 (13 %) in 2000, in a mere span of four years. Of these, five species are considered as critically endangered, 11 as endangered and 27 as vulnerable. The main cause behind this situation is ascribed to conflict between people, wildlife and respective protected areas and failure of the institutions to reflect the actual value of these resources. In the past few years, the Government of Tanzania has taken positive steps to ameliorate the interests of conservationists and local communities by introducing the concept of WMAs, a new category of protected area where people...

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GTZ Wildlife Programme in Tanzania Wildlife Division

GTZ Wildlife Programme in Tanzania Wildlife Division

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