Published at 01/07/2021

Banhine National Park celebrates its 48th anniversary with activities to raise environmental awareness and tree planting

Banhine National Park (PNB), located in the northern part of Gaza province, celebrated its 48th anniversary on 26 June this year. To mark the date, interns of the Programme for Conservation Leadership in Mozambique (PLCM), in coordination with the Banhine National Park and the Tchai-Tchai Primary School, joined forces for various activities. These activities included holding a lecture on the theme “Biodiversity of the PNB and the importance of conservation for the welfare of the local communities”, planting cashew seedlings, cleaning and recycling solid waste, and distributing face masks offered by the Banhine National Park. On the occasion, the interns recited poems about the species that exist in the park and the challenges that the park faces. To hear the recital of the poems, click here

The ceremony was held in the Tchai-Tchai primary school, and was attended by the administrator of Chigubo district, representatives of the Ministry of Land and Environment, local leaders, district attorneys, judges from Chigubo, Mabalane and Mapai districts, rangers of the Banhine National Park, as well as pupils from the school.

For the interns, Paulo Manuel Chambisse, Marribia Joaquim and Sergio Licumba, this activity was of great importance since, through the lecture, it was possible to inform the pupils about the vast biodiversity that exists in the Banhine National Park.

Banhine National Park has been a beneficiary of BIOFUND since 2017, through the ASA and MozBio1 projects, receiving support for the payment of operational costs. Through the BIO-Emergency Fund it has received a boost for the payment of operational costs, community work and support in the acquisition of materials to combat COVID-19.