Studies and Documents

With the collaboration of pertinent individuals and BIOFUND partners, documents have been produced to present the Foundation to the public and to share information about the fauna and flora of Mozambique. This digital archive makes the information listed below available to all, at a centralised place of easy access, and permanently updated.

Biofund Archive

Annual Report – 2019
Annual Report – 2018
Annual Report – 2018
Annual Report – 2015
Strategic Plan
Profile of BIOFUND
Launch of BIOFUND
BIOFUND Administrative and Financial Manual
Investment Policy
Bylaws of BIOFUND
Statutes of BIOFUND
Legal Status
Public Utility status
Report on the Administrative and Financial Capacity of the Conservation Areas in Mozambique
List of beneficiaries of BIOFUND
Manual of Operational Procedures (MOP)
Report of the capacity of the ACs 2016
Project Bee document – Terms of Reference
Relatório sobre a Capacidade Administrativa e Financeira das ACs 2017
Report on threatened species 2016
Support the march of the elephants 2014
Analysis of the Conservation Law 16/2014
Manual on the application of the Conservation Law 16/2014
Translation of the Conservation Law 16/2014

General Archive

The Environment in Mozambique 2012
Important Bird Areas in Mozambique
Report on threatened species 2016
CBD Fifth National Biodiversity Report 2014
CBD Strategy and Plan for Mozambique 2002-13
National Strategy on Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change 2013-2025
MPD 2013
NBSP Biodiversity Strategy and Plan Mozambique
Law 16_2014 Law on the Conservation of Biodiversity
Decree 54-2015 Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations
Environment Law 1997
Conservation Policy 2009
Policies and Strategy on Development of Forests and Wild Life 1997
PQG_ 2015-2019 Approved by the Assembly of the Republic
Resolution 2-1994 Ratification of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity
Analysis of the Conservation Law 16/2014
Manual on the Application of the Conservation Law 16/2014
Manual sobre a Aplicação da Lei de Conservação 16/2014
Decreto 84 2017 - Novas taxas Parques e Reservas
Decreto 89 2017 - Regulamento Lei da Protecção Conservação e Uso Sustentável da Diversidade Biológica
Lei-16.2018 Regime Jurídico das Fundações
Guide to Conservation Finance
Innovative initiatives for biodiversity financing 2014
Sust Financing PA_CTF and Projects Comparative Advantages 2014
Sustainable Financing Conservation Areas in Moz_2010
The Little Biodiversity Finance Book-3rd edition

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