Updated at 08/06/2023

What is the Rangers Support Fund?

The Rangers’ Support Fund, also known as the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, was set up in 2020. It is a permanent (long term) mechanism for recognising the courage and dedication of the rangers of the public and private Conservation Areas, through an annual prize, chosen via a transparent selection process led by an independent committee.

The Fund is due to the initiative of Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira, the Director of the Protection and Inspection Services of the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC). After he was granted, in 2019, the “Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa”, awarded by Tusk International he donated the monetary part of this prize, 50,000 pounds sterling, to establish a fund to support the Mozambican rangers. The management of this fund was entrusted to BIOFUND which decided to contribute a further 50,000 pounds, thus bringing the initial capital to a sum equivalent to 8.6 million meticais.

BIOFUND is working on publicising the fund, on establishing synergies, and on raising more national and international contributions, to ensure the growth of the fund.

The rangers are the main guardians of our biodiversity. They work tirelessly under tough environmental, social and safety conditions, with courage and responsibility. BIOFUND has been directly supporting the operational costs of the Conservation Areas since 2016, with its own funds and also those of other donors, such as AFD/APEM/Abelha, World Bank/Mozbio/IDA and European Union/PROMOVE Biodiversity, mainly guaranteeing logistical conditions in terms of rations, uniforms, communications and fuel for the day-to-day activities of the rangers.

Type of prizes awarded

Exemplary Ranger Prize

A single prize for lifetime recognition, awarded to those Rangers who stand out for their dedication and exceptional commitment to their work over their entire career.

Ranger of the Year Award

A prize awarded annually to rangers who are outstanding in their work and personal attitude.

Fund for Assistance to the Families

Immediate support for the relatives of rangers who have lost their lives or were disabled in the exercise of their duties.

How the prizes are awarded

BIOFUND, in coordination with ANAC, is setting up a multidisciplinary technical commission responsible for defining the procedures and criteria for selecting the rangers to benefit from this fund every year.


Rangers Honor Roll

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Donations to the Fund

With your help, the Rangers’ Support Fund will continue to make a lasting difference to the lives of the rangers and your donation will directly support this cause.

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