“We invite you to get to know the core of our work: the protection of biodiversity. Our exhibitions are a window onto the projects and initiatives that are shaping a sustainable future for our country’s biodiversity.”.


This BIOFUND journey, which began in 2015 in Maputo Province, has become an inspiring environmental awareness mission that has spread to various provinces in Mozambique. Our exhibitions, more than just displays of Mozambique’s vast biodiversity, are a reflection of our relentless commitment to the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, with the invaluable support of governmental, non-governmental and private partners and collaborators at local, national, regional and international level, not only in the field of conservation, but also in academia, education, culture, tourism, among others. The exhibitions have involved students from primary, secondary and university schools, as well as the general public, coupled with various interactive and educational activities. They have also served to train and induct future teachers (from Teacher Training Institutes) and trainees, who have worked as exhibition guides on biodiversity issues. Over the years, this initiative has not only grown but evolved, reaching a variety of audiences across the country and becoming a true traveling celebration of wild fauna and flora, as well as the efforts committed to their conservation. We invite you to explore with us the natural treasures that Mozambique has to offer, as we share the most significant moments of our journey, from its beginning in Maputo Province to the vibrant exhibitions in various regions of the country.

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BIOFUND Exhibitions: A Journey through Biodiversity Conservation in Mozambique

  • Biodiversity exhibition at the XII UEM Scientific Conference – Maputo (2023)

    BIOFUND stood out at the XII UEM Scientific Conference by presenting an engaging exhibition that captured the richness of Mozambique’s biodiversity. The display covered terrestrial, marine and aquatic ecosystems, emphasizing the importance of research for the country’s ecological balance. By exploring the exhibition, visitors were able to glimpse the unique diversity of Mozambique’s natural resources, highlighting the crucial need for their preservation. BIOFUND also shared a presentation on research funding mechanisms, highlighting its vital role in supporting institutional capacity building for scientific research in Mozambique.

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  • 1st edition of the Marine Biodiversity Conference – Maputo (2023)

    On 27 and 28 July, the Museums of the Sea in Maputo hosted the 1st edition of the Marine Biodiversity Conference, organized by BIOFUND in collaboration with partners such as the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries (MIMAIP), the Museums of the Sea, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF), Italian Cooperation (AICS), different Mozambican entities and with the financial support of the Blue Action Fund, the Government of Sweden, the World Bank/Mozbio 2 Project and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).
    From July 27 to August 2, the highlight was the thematic exhibition made up of information panels and photos of Mozambique’s coastal and marine biodiversity. In partnership with the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), the exhibition also provided visitors with a unique 3D visual experience of Mozambique’s diverse species and marine life.
    Attracting around 470 visitors, the exhibition not only informed, but also involved the community, through environmental education workshops, facilitated by the Redes de Luxu Association, where the focus was on recycling materials, providing a hands-on experience for 85 local school children.

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  • Biodiversidade de Moçambique no VII Congresso de Educação Ambiental – Maputo (Julho 2023)

    Uma exposição dos diversos ecossistemas marinhos e terrestres de Moçambique, foi tema da BIOFUND no VII Congresso de Educação Ambiental da CPLP onde os visitantes puderam ver e ouvir o som de diferentes espécies de fauna terrestre e marinha, além de aprender sobre os ecossistemas únicos de Moçambique e os esforços para a sua protecção e conservação. Nesta ocasião, foi também feita uma palestra integrando uma analise sobre as exposições ambientais da BIOFUND, e principais constatações, intitulado “EXPOSICOES E FEIRAS SOBRE A BIODIVERSIDADE DE MOCAMBIQUE- É PRECISO CONHECER PARA SENSIBILIZAR SOBRE A SUA CONSERVACAO”

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  • Marine Exhibition “Ocean that Unites Us” – Maputo (December 2022)

    In collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy, the Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (BIOFUND) and the Oceanographic Institute of Mozambique (InOM), the “Ocean that Unites Us” exhibition was inaugurated at the Fisheries Museum in Maputo City on December 15, 2022. This initiative highlights Mozambique’s rich marine biodiversity, emphasizing its importance and the urgency of conservation. The exhibition also provokes reflection on the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), which highlights the importance of science in building a sustainable ocean. This exhibition is part of a series of initiatives that the Foundation has been carrying out since 2015, in a variety of partnerships, to raise public awareness about the importance of biodiversity.

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  • BIOFUND Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Exhibition at the Beach Soccer Championship – Inhambane (October 2022)

    The BIOFUND Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Exhibition was part of the 2022 Beach Soccer Championship in Vilanculos, between October 21 and 28, 2022. The exhibition highlighted the importance of marine species and their habitats, stressing the urgent need for action to protect biological diversity in Mozambique. With over 1,800 visitors, mainly young people interested in contributing to biodiversity, the exhibition was part of the activities celebrating BIOFUND’s 10th anniversary. Several individuals attended the exhibition, including the President of the Republic Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, the Governor of Inhambane Daniel Chapo, the Administrator of Vilanculos Edmundo Galiza Matos Jr, the Secretary of State for Sport Carlos Gilberto Mendes, the President of the Mozambican Football Federation Faizal Sidat, among others.

    In addition to the exhibition, BIOFUND, in partnership with the Ministry of Land and Environment (MTA), the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) and the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (PNAB), held talks on protecting marine biodiversity, cleaning beaches and planting mangroves in the coastal region of Vilanculos.

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  • Biodiversity Conservation Room at Sussundenga Secondary School – Manica (July 2022)

    On July 11, 2022, Sussundenga Secondary School opened its first Environmental Education Exhibition Room. This initiative is part of a wider Environmental Education project led by PLCM (BIOFUND) in collaboration with various partner organizations.

    The room features a variety of information panels and photographs that address crucial issues, from biodiversity to solid waste management, with a special focus on the environmental challenges and opportunities in Manica province. Also noteworthy are the artistic works and projects carried out by ESSc students, which show their commitment and creativity in the field of biodiversity conservation.

    This exhibition is not only informative, but also interactive. In collaboration with local organizations and the Chimanimani National Park, the exhibition provides visitors with the chance to learn about the importance of environmental conservation and take part in practical environmental education workshops. These workshops, coordinated by the project team in close collaboration with the local community, include engaging recycling and conservation activities.

    By offering this unique learning and engagement opportunity, Sussundenga Secondary School reinforces its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and raising environmental awareness not only among students, but also throughout the community.

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  • Itinerant exhibition in Europe Week Maputo (May 2022)

    From May 7 to 30, 2022, BIOFUND launched an exhibition on Mozambique’s terrestrial and marine biodiversity in celebration of Europe Week. The initiative was part of an event organized by the European Union at the Maputo Fortress, highlighting the various projects funded by the EU in Mozambique. With more than 2,500 visitors, the event included environmental education activities for teenagers from different schools in Maputo City. The exhibition, involving the senses of sight, hearing and taste, received around 300 visitors on the first day, including ambassadors from the EU, Italy and France, accompanied by BIOFUND’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Narciso Matos, and the Director of Programs, Alexandra Jorge. Partner companies such as Café de Manica and Café de Chimanimani actively participated, offering coffee tastings and highlighting their role in conservation in Chimanimani National Park.

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  • Exhibition on Flora in Mozambique at the International Forestry Exhibition Maputo – Maputo (March 2022)

    BIOFUND, in partnership with the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Program (PLCM) and the United for the Environment Association (UPA) of the Portuguese School of Mozambique, held an exhibition on the International Day of Forests, focused on forest restoration. The exhibition included information panels, plant samples and T-shirts illustrated by students. A lecture on the importance of forest conservation was also part of the event. The collaboration resulted in around 100 secondary school students becoming aware of forest restoration and its global impact, promoting reflection on the individual role in building a healthier planet. The exhibition highlighted the interconnection between biodiversity conservation and environmental education.

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  • Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Exhibition at the Crescendo Azul International Conference – Inhambane (November 2021)

    Under the theme “United for the Enhancement of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Mozambique”, the marine and coastal biodiversity exhibition held during the Crescendo Azul International Conference took place on November 18 and 19, 2021, in Vilankulo district, Inhambane province. The main aim of the exhibition was to highlight the wealth of underwater biodiversity in Mozambique and to provoke visitors to reflect on the pressure that the marine ecosystem faces due to human activities, which directly impact the oceans.
    The exhibition was led by trainees from the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Program (PLCM), who interactively introduced the public to the main marine habitats and species present in Mozambique’s marine and coastal Conservation Areas. The exhibition attracted approximately 600 visitors, including the President of the Republic, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, several foreign delegations, the Minister for the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries, Augusta Maíta, and other national individuals.

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  • Exhibition at the Kanyaka Book Fair – Inhaca Island (November 2021)

    The Exhibition at the Kanyaka Book Fair, held on Inhaca Island from 6 to 8 November 2021 and promoted by the Maputo Municipality, stood out for its presentation of the existing marine species in Mozambique, with special emphasis on Inhaca Island. In partnership with the Portuguese School of Maputo, BIOFUND, ANAC, and other partners, the event was enriched by the proactive participation of BIOFUND. The organisation played a key role in carrying out activities devoted to marine biodiversity, providing an engaging educational experience for visitors. BIOFUND’s presentation of marine species was an outstanding contribution that rose awareness to more than 400 people to the rich diversity of marine life in Mozambique, with an emphasis on mangroves. This strategic approach reinforces the ongoing commitment to environmental education in the region, integrating it with the Ponta d’Ouro Partial Marine Reserve.

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  • Exhibition on the Conservation Areas benefiting from BIOFUND at Vozes da Terra Seminar – Maputo (November 2019)

    At the Vozes da Terra seminar, held from 25 to 26 November 2019 and organized by MozBio project, BIOFUND stood out as a key player in its exhibition, presenting around 18 illustrative panels highlighting relevant habitats and critical species in Mozambique. The exhibition highlighted the importance of BIOFUND’s virtual library as a valuable repository of information on Mozambican biodiversity. In addition, the stand provided a panoramic view of BIOFUND’s contribution to the Mozbio project, including a photographic exhibition to inspire reflections on the essentiality of fisheries resources. It is important to note that BIOFUND not only benefited from the institutional support of Mozbio 1 project, but also played a vital role in channeling approximately 3 million dollars towards the operating costs of 11 Conservation Areas, thus consolidating its commitment and impact in promoting environmental sustainability in Mozambique.

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  • Exhibition on Threatened Biodiversity in Mozambique at the Terra Nossa event – Maputo (September 2019)

    Discover the pioneering Exhibition on Threatened Biodiversity in Mozambique during the premiere of the Terra Nossa event, held from September 21 to 24, 2019 at Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center. The theme of the event was “Crossed glances between human beings and the ocean” and was organized by the French Embassy in partnership with BIOFUND. This event focused on joint reflection on the future of planet Earth, addressing the reconciliation between human activities and nature in order to build a more sustainable world. These questions guided the activities, seeking answers to strengthen the debate and reflection on climate change and environmental issues in Mozambique. In keeping with this theme, BIOFUND presented an exhibition made up of panels and photographs on Threatened Biodiversity in Mozambique, which remained on display until September 30. The opening was attended by His Excellency, the French Ambassador, David Izzo, and the Executive Director of BIOFUND, Luis Bernardo Honwana.

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  • Biodiversity Exhibition and Fair – The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development – Chimoio (August 2019)

    The 5th Biodiversity Exhibition conducted by BIOFUND in partnership with MINEDH, ANAC, the Provincial Government of Manica and the Catholic University of Mozambique in Chimoio in August 2019 focused on raising awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation in Mozambique, especially in Manica province. This event that was attended by the President of the Republic of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, featured 90 information panels and a fair involving various exhibitors related to environmental conservation, as well as a forum for debate on the challenges faced, such as mining and water pollution.

    In addition to that, during the exhibition, there was an Environmental Education Festival with various educational activities, such as tree planting, drawing and poem competitions, dance, theater and displaying of films on biodiversity.

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  • Biodiversity Exhibition and Fair – The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development – Inhambane (August 2018)

    Travel to Inhambane and explore the 4th Biodiversity Exhibition, highlighting the richness of local biodiversity, through an in-depth analysis of the risks and challenges in biodiversity conservation and the synergies of the different sectors. The event was co-organized by MINEDH, the Pedagogic University (UP), the University Foundation for the Development of Education (FUNDE/A Politécnica) and the Inhambane Provincial Government.

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  • Biodiversity Exhibition and Fair – The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development – Quelimane (October 2017)

    Get to know the 3rd Multimedia Exhibition and Fair in partnership with the Pedagogic University, sharing information and knowledge about the importance and need to conserve biodiversity in our country, with particular emphasis on the wealth of biodiversity in Zambézia province. This event had the partnership of MINEDH, the Pedagogic University (UP), the University Foundation for the Development of Education (FUNDE/A Politécnica), ANAC and the Government of Zambézia Province.

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  • Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany – Maputo Biodiversity Hotspot (May 2017)

    Under the theme of Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany, BIOFUND held an event consisting of a multimedia exhibition of incredible new materials on wildlife, resulting from an expedition conducted in the Maputo Special Reserve, by a multidisciplinary team coordinated by WildlifeMoz and Still Standing. Learn More

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  • Biodiversity Exhibition and Fair – The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development – Gaza (September 2016)

    Dive into the 2nd interactive exhibition that brought new themes relevant to Gaza (Soils, Chirindzene Sacred Forest and turtle monitoring), as well as a local biodiversity fair. The event was organized together with the Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH) and the Gaza Provincial Government, and co-organized by the University Foundation for the Development of Education, the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) and the Pedagogic University Foundation, with the participation of Eduardo Mondlane Teacher Training Institute in Xai-Xai and the Chongoene Teacher Training Institute.

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  • Mount Namuli and Namuli Film Preview in Africa (June 2016)

    Relive the first African screening of the film “Namuli” and the exhibition on Mount Namuli, prepared by BIOFUND in collaboration with LEGADO and LUPA.

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  • Biodiversity Exhibition and Fair – Partnerships for Conservation in Mozambique and Biodiversity Fair – Maputo (June 2015)

    Explore the first multimedia exhibition on biodiversity in Mozambique, opened by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi. The exhibition identified the main species and habitats, as well as the most important projects in each area of the country and the partners engaged in these activities, in addition to an incredible biodiversity fair, which marked the public launch of BIOFUND. As a result of this event, a program was started to tour the exhibition, especially targeting teacher training institutes in various parts of the country.

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Marine Biodiversity Conference

The Marine Biodiversity Conference is an initiative that establishes a platform for synergies and experiences on the conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity, where government, civil society, local communities, academia and the private sector can debate and exchange experiences on the expansion and management of marine conservation areas, management based on marine ecosystems and the contribution of science, art and culture to the enhancement of our country’s coastal and marine biodiversity. The event is led by BIOFUND, as part of a 5-year commitment under the Blue Future project, led by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and financed by the Blue Action Fund (BAF).

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Virtual Exhibition – Maputo 2022

Visit the BIOFUND Virtual Exhibition, a pioneering initiative presented at the 11th CAFÉ General Assembly, and discover Mozambique’s biodiversity.

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First edition of Marine Biodiversity Conference – Maputo 2023
Biodiversity Exhibition / Manica 2019
Biodiversity Exhibition / Inhambane 2018
Biodiversity Exhibition / Zambézia 2017
Biodiversity Exhibition / Gaza 2016
Official launch of BIOFUND and Biodiversity Exhibition / Maputo 2015

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