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What is the PLCM?

The Mozambique Conservation Leadership Programme – PLCM is institutional and individual development programme of BIOFUND, which seeks i) to contribute to the transformation of the Conservation Sector in Mozambique through strengthening capacities and skills in the National System of Conservation Areas (SNAC), ii) to attract and motivate talented young people, with varied training, and with a particular focus on skills in conservation leadership, and iii) to raise the awareness of civil society to the importance of the conservation of biodiversity, focusing on youth.

The programme began in 2019 for a period of 5 years, with funds from the World Bank / IDA under the Mozbio2 project. The initial results and positive impacts of the programme in increasing the capacity and availability of professionals for conservation have indicated the importance of prolonging and expanding its activity. BIOFUND is therefore searching for financing agencies and donors to help fund the programme, either as a whole or specific components.

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Boost the capacity and skills of the professionals of the National System of Conservation Areas (SNAC)

  • Professional training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Professional Exchanges and Refresher Training

Target up to 2024: Approximately 310 SNAC professionals benefitting from the programme
About 50 professionals have already benefited (since 2020) from 5 Conservation Areas

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Motivate and attract qualified young people into the conservation system

  • Scholarships (Master’s degree / professional courses)
  • Pre-professional internships
  • Research Subventions

Target up to 2024: Approximately 135 Beneficiaries (youths from higher education and from technical and professional education)
99 young people (since 2010) have already benefitted, from 10 provinces 

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Attract the public in general and young people in particular, to the conservation community network

  • Exhibitions
  • Events to raise awareness about the importance of the Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Establishment of multi-media conservation information centres

Target up to 2024: Approximately 30,000 people reached
Targets achieved: more than 7,500 people from 6 provinces

Implementation of the Programme

PLCM is implemented by BIOFUND in partnership with the National Administration of Conservation Areas – ANAC, which provides support, above all, in the coordination of the training activities under component 1 of the programme.

In order to ensure national coverage, partnerships have been established with educational institutions in the southern, central and northern regions of the country, which provide academic training for the beneficiaries of the programme, with greatest stress on the scholarship programmes.

The pre-professional internship programme is implemented in coordination with the Conservation Areas (public and private), public institutions and the private sector, non-governmental organisations and other institutions which have, as the object of their work, the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of natural resources. These institutions host the programme’s interns, and fit them into their plans of action.

The programme also promotes and establishes synergies with relevant partners/opportunities in themes of environmental education and awareness of civil society in various local, provincial and national forums, compiling and sharing information and knowledge about the importance and relevance of the conservation of biodiversity for the balance of ecosystems and sustainable development, using various digital platforms (lectures, debates, films) and in-person platforms (exhibitions, fairs, theatre, lectures, environmental rooms, among others).

Announcements and Tenders

Courses / Programmes

Consult here information from academic institutions with courses / programmes on the themes of leadership and conservation.

Steering Committee

With the goal of endowing the PLCM with a governance structure and to guarantee the legitimacy of the programme, among its beneficiaries, financing bodies, institutions and stakeholders involved in the programme and the community in general, the programme has its own Steering Committee (CD), which guarantees accompanying the programme and the taking of strategic decisions, as well as ensuring quality control of the activities, results and impacts of the programme. The CD meets twice a year

The Steering Committee consists of 12 permanent members and 4 permanent guests, involving a variety of institutions seeking to guarantee greater coverage and relevance of the programme (click here for more details on the composition of the CD).

List of Members of the Steering Committee

  • Alexandra Jorge

BIOFUND – Directora de Programas

  • Marla Josefa Mujovo

UNIZAMBEZE – Director da Faculdade de Engenharia Ambiental e Recursos Naturais

  • Pacheco Faria

AMOS – Membro / Suplente – Adamo Valy

  • Mohamed Harun

ANAC – Assessor do Director Geral

  • Branquinho Manhonha

Gorongosa Restoration Project – Departamento de Desenvolvimento Humano

  • Faruk Osman

CTA – Presidente do Conselho Fiscal da CTA

  • Valério Macandza

UEM – Director Adjunto para a Pós-Graduação da Faculdade de Agronomia e Engenharia Florestal

  • Ivandro Sitoi

FDC – Director de património e Investimento

  • Leo Elias Jamal

Instituto de formação profissional e estudos laborais Alberto Cassimo (IFPELAC) – Director Geral

  • Marcelino Caravela

UNILÚRIO – Director da Faculdade de Ciencias Naturais

  • Carla Rombe

IUCN – Representante / Suplente – Oliveira Mucar

  • Ivone Muocha

MCTESTP – Directora Adjunta no Centro de Investigação e Transferência de Tecnologia para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário

Permanent Guests

  • Manuel Mutimucuio

World Bank

  • Madyo Couto


  • Camila de Sousa

Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique

  • Paulo Júnior



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Mozambique Programme of Conservation Leadership – PLCM

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