Published at 01/11/2023

BIOFUND and AGROTUR Collaborate for the Conservation of Chimanimani Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (BIOFUND) and AGROTUR, Lda recently celebrated a strategic five-year partnership with the aim of strengthening the protection of Chimanimani National Park (CNP). This alliance between the private sector and conservation organizations marks a significant advancement in the preservation of Mozambican biodiversity.

As part of this collaboration, AGROTUR, a Mozambican company specializing in sustainable agricultural projects and the restoration of degraded areas, commits to allocate 5% of the revenue from coffee and associated product sales for conservation activities in CNP. AGROTUR focuses its coffee production in the park’s buffer zone, promoting agricultural practices that prioritize sustainability and biodiversity.

This partnership not only benefits the environment but also demonstrates the potential to align economic interests with environmental preservation. The collaboration between BIOFUND and AGROTUR serves as an example of how companies and foundations can work together to protect cultural and natural heritage while promoting sustainable economic development.

By solidifying this partnership, BIOFUND reaffirms its commitment to promoting responsible environmental management in Chimanimani National Park and ensuring sustainable funding for conservation activities.

The active involvement of the private sector in biodiversity conservation not only benefits the environment but also reinforces the idea that nature protection and economic development can coexist harmoniously.