Published at 06/02/2019

BIOFUND explores partnership opportunities for training professionals in the national system of conservation areas and young conservationists

This visit is part of a series of actions to identify qualified institutions for the development of training, coaching and mentoring activities that BIOFUND is carrying out under its Conservation Leadership Program, improving the institutional capacity of the national conservation system; (ii) expanding and improving the recruitment base for conservation institutions; and (iii) encouraging youth in general to engage in voluntary conservation actions at national level.

During this visit, BIOFUND team collected information on the range of courses that SAWC offers from long-term courses to short courses related to biodiversity conservation, and had fruitful discussions with different SAWC teams on possible collaboration / partnership platforms for training personnel in the national conservation area system, young conservationists and general public.

SAWC already has a partnership with ANAC and, in this context, has been training staff from conservation areas in Mozambique.

The team also had the opportunity to visit training infrastructure and discuss with three (3) Mozambican students from the Limpopo National Park, who are currently studying at SAWC, that served as a practical example for assessing the training services that Southern African Wildlife College offers.