Published at 18/08/2017

Creating an Enabling Legal and Institutional Environment for the Harmonization of Development and Biodiversity Conservation in Mozambique (Biodiversity Offsets)

The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity will take part in the USAID program Parceria Cívica para Boa Governação, implemented by Counterpart International focusing on strengthening the impact of civic activism to improve accountable, effective democratic governance in Mozambique, to protect biodiversity. A grant agreement between the parties was signed on July 17, 2017.

BIOFUND will foster civic activism to advocate for the improvement of the legal framework that promotes economic development in tandem with the protection of the natural renewable resource base for a “No Net Loss” concept of biodiversity.

At the national level, BIOFUND will advocate for the development of a specific No Net Loss Decree; at the same time, will help to  improve the regulations supplementing the new Conservation Law and providing inputs into the revisions of the Environmental Law and other relevant legislation to influence the wider policy environment for No Net Loss. At the local level, the project will equip local communities and civil society organizations in Conservation Areas in Inhambane Province with skills and knowledge through training sessions, and help them to engage in constructive dialogue on No Net Loss and Biodiversity Offsets to preserve or improve the quality of the natural resources upon which they depend for their livelihoods.