Published at 09/10/2023

Environmental Impact Assessment Authority establishes Technical-Scientific Unit to Support Biodiversity Offsets

The National Directorate for the Environment (DINAB) and its partners in the COMBO+ Program, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND), held the first meeting to establish the Technical-Scientific Unit to Support Biodiversity Offsets yesterday, 5 October 2023, in Maputo City, attended by 19 participants from different sectors.

The Ministerial Order 55/2022 of 19 May, which regulates the matter of Biodiversity Offsets, calls for the creation of this Technical-Scientific Support Unit for Biodiversity Offsets, with the aim of supporting the Environmental Impact Assessment Authority in making strategic and integrated decisions regarding the design, approval, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of Biodiversity Offset Management Plans. Some of the key aspects are the alignment of the offsets with the national targets, the areas receiving the offsets and the technical tools for their implementation.

The purpose of this kick-off meeting was to discuss the Terms of Reference of the Technical-Scientific Unit, namely its final composition and how it will operate, as well as to update members on the process of implementing the Biodiversity Offset Directive.