Published at 13/01/2021

Gaby: the dog that makes a difference in inspection in Massingir Safaris

Slightly more than two years old, the dog Gaby has been a true guardian of nature and an indispensable piece in the monitoring activities of Massingir Safaris.

With his sniffing skills, this small mammal has helped the three rangers of Massingir Safaris to conserve the biodiversity of an area of 8,000 hectares. For not only is Gaby intelligent, but in cases of chasing poachers, Gaby manages in short order to track the steps left by the poachers.

The use of sniffer dogs has been successful in the patrolling activities in Massingir Safaris. Currently this conservation area has kennels for six dogs trained for inspection and patrolling.

Located in Gaza province, Massingir Safaris is a conservation area under private management which, despite the reduction in income because of Covid-19, continues to conserve biodiversity, and will shortly benefit from the Emergency BIO-Fund. Its biodiversity consists of a flora and fauna rich in buffaloes; impalas; baboons; various species of birds and insects; the Mopane forest; the Terminalia forest; and many species of Combretum and Acacia nigrescens.

In term of leisure, Massingir Safaris offers its guests a variety of activities, such as hunting, and various viewpoints from which to observe breath-taking nature.