Published at 10/09/2019

Gilé: Change to Coexist

It is the title of the documentary presented on August 19th, in Maputo, addressing the efforts of biodiversity conservation in the Gilé National Reserve, as part of the European Union-funded Project aiming at strengthening the financial sustainability and preserving the biodiversity of the Gilé Reserve in the province of Zambezia.

The short film portrays some results that the project has achieved, namely: repopulation of flora and fauna with the introduction of 50 zebras and 50 oxen; reduction of poaching; reforestation and reduction of deforestation; more economic opportunities around the reserve; climate change mitigation and; increasing financial sustainability of ecotourism conservation and emergency zones.

The launch event, was held in the Leite Couto Foundation and included a debate on the issues surrounding the financial sustainability of the Gilé Reserve with a room full of various entities that have been supporting the national conservation areas system, including: BIOFUND, European Union, National Sustainable Development Fund, WWF, WCS, WWF, KfW, USAID / SPEED +, AFD, ANAC, EMU, RNG, RNN; IGF, COSVI, Carbon Sink, and others.

The film highlights areas such as environmental education, sustainable innovation, participation of local communities through the Natural Resource Management Committees and good biodiversity conservation practices. According to Alexandra Jorge, BIOFUND Program Director “the film is a good sample of positive activities being done with the communities around RNG and can be replicated in other projects.”

Gile Reserve is one of the areas that also receives financial support channelled by BIOFUND and in 2018 this organization disbursed almost two hundred thousand dollars to some critical areas to the operation of this conservation area.