Published at 26/07/2019

International Day for Mangal Ecosystem Conservation

The World Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation Day is celebrated on 26 July. According to UNESCO, it is estimated that worldwide mangrove coverage will have halved in the last 40 years due to coastal development and the impact of climate change.

Mangrove forests are a transitional coastal ecosystem between the terrestrial and marine environment that have specific adaptations to respond to the extreme salinity, wind and tidal cycle conditions to which they are continually exposed.

This ecosystem is the basis for coastal and marine life, mangroves are a key player in combating climate change, contributing to climate control through carbon sequestration, water purification and air. They act against natural phenomena such as cyclones, coastal erosion, floods, rising sea levels, minimizing impacts while providing stability and protection to coastal areas. In addition to providing important timber resources for the communities’ lives, they are the basis for the production of medicines, and nursery for various marine species such as fish, crab and shrimp, considered crucial for the dietary food of coastal communities, the country’s economy and for the balance of the oceans.

Despite their importance, the value of mangrove forests is still poorly known, placing them under great vulnerability not only for the impact of climate change but for the great global coastal economic development.

World Day for Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation leads to reflection on the growing coastal development and the need for active advocacy to strengthen mangrove governance through conservation, preservation, sustainable management and community awareness. about its importance and value.

Mozambique has a relevant role to play in mangrove conservation considering that at least 2/3 of its population lives in the coastal zone and has Africa’s 3rd largest mangrove extension and 13th largest global coverage.

BIOFUND recognizes that mangroves are unique and vulnerable ecosystems and joins the United Nations International Mangrove Day commemorations to increase awareness of their importance and seek sustainable solutions for their management and conservation.