Published at 10/09/2018

Launching of Bio Card

Bio Card is the first biodegradable debit card in Mozambique, the product of a partnership between Banco Comercial de Investimentos (BCI) and the Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation (BIOFUND), launched on December 08, 2017.

This innovative product of biological origin is developed with PLA (polylactic acid) material, a substitute for petroleum-based plastic obtained from renewable sources (maize), which can be recycled and incinerated or landfilled because it is non-toxic.

In the use of the Bio Card in POS, BCI channels a percentage (0.04%) of the amount transacted, to BIOFUND, at no cost to the client, allowing all Mozambicans to contribute actively to the conservation of the rich biodiversity of our country. See the Bio Card brochure here.

The card launching ceremony took place at the Auditorium of the BCI Headquarters Building, with the key moments being the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between BCI and BIOFUND, by His Excellency BCI Executive Committee Chairman, Dr. Paulo Sousa, and His Excellency Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIOFUND, Dr. Abdul Magid Osman, and the symbolic delivery of Bio Card.

This is BIOFUND’s first partnership with a private Mozambican institution, an important milestone in involving local partners in the country’s conservation.

The adherence to this card has been very good, and there have been regular initiatives to disseminate the card to the level of the provinces, the most recent being in Inhambane, on the BIOFUND Exhibition / Biodiversity Fair under the theme “A Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development. ” The BCI and the bio card were present at the solemn session of the BIOFUND event and also during the 3 days of the Biodiversity Fair at the ESHTI.

Contact your BCI account manager or branch to learn how to apply for a bio card!

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