Updated at 18/02/2019

Exhibition "Partnerships for Conservation in Mozambique and Fair on Biodiversity"

As part of the programme of its public launch in June 2015, BIOFUND held a multimedia exhibition about biodiversity Mozambique, identifying the most important projects in each zone of the country and the partners involved in these activities. The event also included a fair of about 20 exhibitors linked to conservation and biodiversity. The exhibition was seen by thousands of visitors, notably students from schools in the capital. As a result of this event, a touring programme for this exhibition began, aimed particularly at the teacher training institutes in various parts of the country.

The exhibition and fair dedicated a day to young pupils from Maputo City primary and secondary schools, with guided visits to the exhibition, and activities to encourage the interest of the new generations in nature and conservation.

The objectives of BIOFUND in holding this event were:

  • Formally signalling the establishment of BIOFUND and the constitution of its Investment Fund;
  • Raising awareness about conservation in Mozambique;
  • Mobilising support for BIOFUND in Mozambique;
  • Recognising publicly the international support for the BIOFUND project and establishing conditions for raising more contributions for the Endowment, so as to guarantee an increase in the financial contribution of BIOFUND for the conservation areas.

BIOFUND has received technical and financial support from German Development Cooperation (through KfW), from the French Development Agency (AFD), from the United Nations Development Programme /Global Environment Facility (UNDP/GEF), from the World Bank / GEF / IDA, from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), from Conservation International / Global Conservation Fund (CI/GCF) and from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
The first phase of establishing the BIOFUND endowment was begun with the signing in December 2014 of financing agreements with KfW for10 million Euros and with the World Bank / GEF for 3.2 million USD and, in February 2015, with CI / GCF for 1 million USD.