Updated at 14/08/2017

Participation in the MozBIO Project

MozBio 1 is a four year project, financed by the IDA (International Development Association) and by the GEF (Global Environment Facility), for USD 46.3 million, channelled through the World Bank. The project seeks to enhance the effective management of the Conservation Areas (AC) in Mozambique and improve the living conditions of the communities around them. The MozBio project seeks to bring the conservation of biodiversity, the development of tourism and poverty reduction into an integrated project. It is organised into five components, and component 1 (Institutional Strengthening for the Management of the ACs) is the component that includes institutional support for BIOFUND. The objective of component 1 is to improve the capacity of ANAC, BIOFUND and CITES to develop and influence conservation and tourism policies and regulations, strengthen the coordination and management of the system of national ACs and the conservation of critically endangered species, enhance the financial sustainability of the ACs and improve tourism, as well as improve the monitoring and assessment systems and support communications strategies.