Updated at 14/08/2017

Participation in the PROFIN Project

The Project for sustainable financing of the system of protected areas in Mozambique (ProFin), financed by funds from the GEF (Global Environment Facility), to the value of USD 5 million, channelled through the UNDP, lasted for 5 years (2012 – 2016). The general objective of the project was to support the Mozambican government strengthen the effectiveness and overall sustainability of the system of protected areas in Mozambique, including financial sustainability through partnerships between private, non-governmental bodies and interested parties (stakeholders) of the communities. The project was implemented through 3 components:

Component 1: Sustainability of the system of protected areas institutionalised (implemented by ANAC)

Component 2: Co-management models in demonstration sites in Gorongosa (Implemented by the Gorongosa National Park)

Component 3: Planning of business and generation of revenue (implemented by the WWF)

The creation of BIOFUND (its effective establishment and fund raising and capitalisation) was the main result of this component, in the context of generating innovative sources of funding for conservation. BIOFUND also had a relevant role in assessing the potential for implementing biodiversity offset mechanisms, through mapping the critical habitats of Mozambique and promoting dissemination courses about this theme.