Updated at 14/08/2017

Project Bee

Project Bee is the first major BIOFUND action to finance the Conservation Areas and it seeks exclusively to support non-wage recurrent costs. The funds to be disbursed under Project Bee come from a grant by AFD (€ 2 000 000) and from BIOFUND itself (USD 500 000). This project is to last for 4 years (2016-2020) and covers 3 cycles of financing, namely:

1st Cycle – Pilot financing of the Limpopo National Park – USD 200 000 in 2016.

2nd Cycle – Financing, with a total of USD 1 600 000, five conservation areas (Quirimbas National Park, Gilé National Reserve, Cape São Sebastião, Limpopo National Park, Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve) selected through a competitive public tender.

3rd Cycle – Financing of a further three or four conservation areas, again to be selected through public tender, to a total value of USD 600 000.