Published at 26/08/2019

V Edition of the largest Biodiversity Exhibition will prevail in the memory of Manica residents

Almost 4000 people had access to the V edition of the largest sample of Biodiversity of Mozambique, between 8 and 17 August 2019, in the city of Chimoio, province of Manica, an event visited by His Excellency Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic and held in synergy with the all school games.

During the visit, the Head of State challenged BIOFUND to systematize Mozambique’s biodiversity contents and turn the rich contents of the exhibition into a book. The exhibition entitled “The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development”  includes a multimedia exhibition, a fair, lectures, film sessions, among other environmental education activities

This year’s multimedia exhibition was held at the Catholic University of Mozambique, Chimoio City, Manica delegation, and consisted of 84 panels illustrating different ecosystems and species, complemented by a screening of about 32 films related to Mozambique’s Biodiversity.

“The visit to the Exhibition was an odd opportunity to complement my knowledge of the rich Biodiversity of Manica and Mozambique globally, with particular emphasis on some endemic flora species,” said Chilasse Salvador Fernandes, a young graduate in Ecotourism and Wildlife Management, by the Superior Institute of Manica.

The event also featured a Fair that was attended by 27 exhibitors, including conservation organizations, educational institutions, private companies, government, projects and local artisans who showed the best of their work and initiatives, between 8 and 10 of August.

The first day of activity was marked by a session in the morning, including a forum entitled “Mining and Water Pollution: Challenges and Solutions” which was attended by 257 people. The success of this event was so evident that, according to the organization of the event, several BIOFUND partners have requested for a future replication in Maputo of the debates hosted in Chimoio.

Also on the first day, the afternoon session was marked by the presentation, by representatives of Chimanimani National Reserve, Fauna & Flora International and Gorongosa National Park, of the results of studies on “Conservation of Biodiversity and Identification of New Species in the Reserve Chimanimani National”. Also noteworthy is the launch of the Map of Arts of Manica, produced by Cine Group with the support of BIOFUND, which is now available in the main tourist sites of the city.

The period from 10 to 17 August, in addition to an Environmental Education Festival at Sussudenga Secondary School, Sussundenga district, which attracted around 1,200 people, included the holding of environmental education lectures in partnership with ANAC, FNDS and EcoMicaia at UniZambezi University and at the all school game accommodation centers: Bagamoio Home, Teacher Training Institute – Chibata and Chimoio Agrarian Institute. As an integral part of the school games program, sportspeople took a guided tour of the exhibition on 15 August.

According to the Minister for Education and Human Development, Conceita Sortane, the exhibition is of such relevance that it provides a clear opportunity to study ways of including its contents at the classroom level and has encouraged BIOFUND to continue to drive these discussions.

BIOFUND had the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Human Development, National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), Manica Provincial Government, Chimoio Municipal Council, Sussundenga Municipal Council, Sussudenga District Education, Youth and Technology Service ( SDEJTS), educational institutions, the business sector and non-governmental organizations.

This Edition had the particularity of including, on August 9, the launch of the campaign against poaching, marked by the movie “Elephant Defender”, produced by ANAC.