Published at 21/08/2019

A Map promoting Manica's tourism, cultural and biodiversity places

A special edition of Mapa das Artes, indicating several touristic and cultural points, as well as aspects about the biodiversity of Manica province, was launched in the city of Chimoio, during the V Edition of the Largest Mozambican Biodiversity Exhibition, under the motto “The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development”.

Showing that Manica is much more than the Old Man mountain and Serra do Vumba, the Map of the Arts, produced by the Cine Group Mozambique with the support of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity  (BIOFUND), allows you to take a trip through the cultural and tourist sites of Manica, interlinked with biodiversity aspects, helping to discover ancient flavours and secrets preserved over time.

First published in 2017, with sights of Maputo, Mapa das Artes circulates and is holding a rich cultural diversity. In 2018, for the first time in partnership with BIOFUND, the platform showed places from Inhambane Province, integrating biodiversity to the tourist poster of Mozambique.

With the release of this edition about Manica, the Director of Map of Arts, Gabriel Borges, says it is a great achievement for the country, as the vehicle allows greater dissemination of tourism and cultural potential.

“We look at the Arts Map as a way of making Mozambique increasingly culturally known, and this special edition of Manica portrays a little about the biodiversity and conservation areas of that region.”

Mapa das Artes is a guide that portrays the tourist and cultural potential of the provinces in which it is present. In addition to being available in physical and free format, this cultural agenda also exists in digital format and can be accessed at

In addition to Cine Group Moçambique and BIOFUND, Mapa das Artes Manica has the support of the National Tourism Institute (INATUR), Fauna and Flora International, ANAC and Mozambique Airlines.