Published at 14/08/2019

Biodiversity in Mozambique - President Filipe Nyusi Inaugurates the 5th Edition of the BIOFUND Exhibition

The President of the Republic of Mozambique inaugurated in Chimoio the 5th annual edition of the exhibition “BIODIVERSITY IN MOZAMBIQUE” and congratulated BIOFUND for this initiative, which shows, especially to younger generations, the need to preserve nature to guarantee the future of humanity.

The Head of State visited the 90 panels exhibited in the amphitheater of the Catholic University of Mozambique, and talked to over two dozen exhibitors at the fair about conservation activities that accompany the exhibition, encouraging them to continue and expand their work. The Head of State also watched the screening of Elephant Defenders, marking the launch of an international campaign against poaching, promoted by ANAC.

With the subtitle “Conservation Culture and Sustainable Development” the Exhibition aims to raise awareness among society and, in particular, new generations, about the importance of biodiversity in Mozambique. The exhibition focuses particularly on the province of Manica and the landscape of the Chimanimani National Reserve, known for the endemism of various flora and fauna species.

The exhibition will be on display at the UCM amphitheater until August 17 and will also feature 32 documentaries on the country’s biodiversity in attached rooms. At the same time, several lectures on environmental issues are being held at the student´s accommodation centers linked with the 14th edition of the all school games.

The Head of State’s visit was preceded (on 8 August) by a discussion forum attended by Deputy Minister of Education and Human Development, Armindo Nuvunga. The forum served to address the problem of mining and pollution of aquatic systems in Manica province, with emphasis on artisanal gold mining, which often has harmful consequences for biodiversity, mainly due to mercury contamination of rivers. Also in this forum were presented the results of the largest biological survey of fauna and flora of the Chimanimani National Reserve, lecture by young masters students of Gorongosa National Park and the administrator of the Chimanimani National Reserve.

Also within the scope of the Biodiversity Exhibition on August 10, an environmental education event was held at Sussundenga Secondary School, in partnership with Chimanimani National Reserve, District Government, FNDS / Mozbio 2, Fauna and Flora International, EcoMicaia and Gonazololo Association, an event that involved about 1200 students and residents of the village of Sussundenga.

This activity included lectures, drawing contests, film projection, educational games, recycling of paper, plastic and metals, among other activities. Students who excelled in the activities of drawing, poetry and recycling  were awarded. The event also includeda 500 tree planting project launch in Sussundenga district.

It is estimated that by the end of the fourth day of the Biodiversity Exhibition, over 2500 people will have participated in the event, including visitors from other parts of the country.