Published at 14/06/2021

BCI and BIOFUND encourage use of Bio card

The Commercial and Investment Bank (BCI) and the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) have just launched a campaign to encourage the use of the Bio card, the first means of payment in Mozambique, produced on the basis of biodegradable material (maize), which contributes to the conservation of biodiversity here.

Launched in 2017, in the framework of the partnership between the two institutions, this card also has the characteristic that it is not toxic, and it can be incinerated or deposited in landfills without damaging the environment.

During the campaign, which took off on 31 May, and which will last until 30 November this year, winners will be chosen, who will be rewarded with prizes, such as a guided visit to Conservation Areas, organized by BIOFUND, and assorted gifts.

Each time the Bio card is used, a percentage of the cost of the transaction is channelled to BIOFUND, a private Mozambican environmental fund, dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity in Mozambique, without any additional cost for the user. Since the launch of the Bio card, more than 10 million meticais have been raised. This money has been used for the protection of rhinoceros in Sábiè Game Park and to protect a very rare species of giant palm tree, Raphia australis, located in the Bobole Botanical Reserve, which is at risk of extinction.

As part of its policy of Social Responsibility, the BCI has supported several activities in defence of the environment, and has worked to implement projects seeking to respond effectively to the challenges facing Mozambique in the area of Biodiversity. It has also developed partnerships with Gorongosa National Park, as well as with public and private bodies and other institutions that are friends of the environment, by granting them, among others, support for organising initiatives in favour of biodiversity.