Published at 08/08/2019

BIOFUND Announces the First Contest for Research Grants Concerning Biodiversity Conservation in Mozambique

Until the 30th of August, the first research grant contest is underway for elaboration of researchprojects for undergraduate and master’s levels conclusion, related to multidisciplinary areas that are directly linked to specific and selected needs of Conservation Areas.

This pilot initiative will cover priority research topics in conservation areas, including the Maputo Special Reserve, Zinave National Park, Limpopo National Park, Gorongosa National Park and the Cape San Sebastian Total Protection Zone.

The contest was launched in the context of the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Program (PLCM) which aims among other things to motivate and attract young students to the conservation system.

Interested candidates may obtain the terms of reference through the BIOFUND website (

Applications should be submitted via the following email address:

For more information on the PLCM, please refer to our web page: :