Published at 05/05/2022

BIOFUND presents the rich Biodiversity of Mozambique in an itinerant exhibition at the Maputo Fortress

The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND – is presenting on 7 May 2022, in the Maputo fortress, an exhibition of the biodiversity of Mozambique, forming part of an event celebrating the week of Europe, organized by the European Union.

This is a sample of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, and of habitats and species that will be illustrated in wildlife informational panels, photographs, videos and audios. The objective of the exhibition is to spread information about the biodiversity of Mozambique, focusing on its importance and on the need for its conservation.

The Biodiversity Exhibition project arises in the context of the “consolidation of an environment favourable to conservation in Mozambique”, in which BIOFUND is attempting to approach, in a professional and innovative manner, themes that are relevant for conservation, disseminating knowledge and raising the awareness of society and particularly of young people. It also aims to establish dialogues and partnerships with private initiatives which could contribute to the transformation of the environment, to conservation and to the development of the country.

After holding 5 (five) annual editions of the biodiversity exhibition in 5 (five) of the country’s provinces, namely: Maputo in 2015, Gaza in 2016, Zambézia in 2017, Inhambane in 2018 and Manica in 2019, BIOFUND has adopted new ways of illustrating the rich biodiversity of Mozambique, integrated into events organized by partners.

In the Maputo fortress, the biodiversity exhibition will be open to the public as from 11h00 on 7 May, and will be available until 30 May 2022. We invite you to contemplate nature and to explore the beauty of our aquatic and terrestrial environment.