Published at 11/05/2022

Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity in the Maputo Fortress

The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) began, on 7 May 2022, an exhibition on the terrestrial and marine biodiversity of Mozambique, as part of the event celebrating Europe Week, organized by the European Union in the Maputo Fortress.

The event, headed by the EU, had as its main goal to display to the public cooperation projects and initiatives financed either by the European Union or by its member states in Mozambique, through traditional dances, poetry, games, exhibitions, music and activism around the themes of sustainable social and economic development.

The opening ceremony, attended by more than 700 participants, was marked by environmental education activities for adolescents from schools in Chamanculo neighbourhood. This activity was led by Lídia Mangane, a monitoring and assessment officer from the PROMOVE Biodiversidade (Promote Biodiversity) project with the aim of drawing attention to the preservation of marine resources.

The exhibition on terrestrial and marine Biodiversity expresses some of the five human senses, including sight, hearing and taste. On the first day, there were about 300 visitors of various ages. Prominent among them were the ambassadors and heads of cooperation of the EU, Italy and France (as well as many other figures), who were accompanied by the chairperson of the board of BIOFUND, Narciso Matos, and by the Director of Programmes, Alexandra Jorge.

The companies café de Manica and Café de Chimanimani, partners of BIOFUND, actively marked their presence by offering the visitors samples of the coffee produced in Mozambique and speaking about their role in support of conservation in Mozambique, through channelling a part of their revenue to activities to conserve Biodiversity in the Chimanimani National Park.
Several visitors left their comments about the event and particularly about the exhibition, stressing: In general, the experience of participating in the exhibition was very good. It allowed me to travel across all of Mozambique, while remaining in a small area. It was also possible to understand a little about the conservation work undertaken by BIOFUND, stressed one of the visitors.

Since 2015, BIOFUND has held activities to publicise the importance and relevance of our biodiversity, through biodiversity exhibitions, involving a young public, schools and institutions in various parts of the country. This exhibition is open to the public every day until the end of May.

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