Published at 28/03/2019

BIOFUND celebrates the world water day and launches virtual library of biodiversity in Mozambique

BIOFUND in partnership with the Pedagogical University (UP), held on 22 March, World Water Day, a debate on water management in urban environment in Mozambique, with the aim of raising awareness about the management of this indispensable natural resource to the life of all living beings.

The event took at Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy of the Lhanguene University Campus of Pedagogical University and gathered around 200 students, teachers, public, private organizations, civil society and media.

Under the motto of the United Nations for the year 2019 Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right, Professor Gustavo Dgedge – lecturer at UP, stressed that water management is a permanent challenge and that we all have a role to play to ensure the sustainable use of this natural resource.

During his speech Professor Dgedge reiterated that the environmental catastrophe that the center of the country is facing points to a profound reflection that integrated management of water resources should be a priority of the country’s development agenda.

Still on this occasion, BIOFUND launched the biodiversity virtual library: an online platform that provides access to over 2200 entries: study reports, scientific articles, educational materials, maps and digital files about biodiversity in Mozambique.

This initiative is part of BIOFUND’s effort to promote knowledge and increase environmental awareness of society and it was supported by its partners such as Counterpart International / USAID and the COMBO / WCS Project.

For more details access the Virtual Library at: