Published at 17/09/2020

BIOFUND conducts the first monitoring visit to the Sabie Game Park (SGP) under the Emergency BIO-Fund

The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity, BIOFUND, within the scope of the BIO-Fund Emergency Program, carried out on September 9, 2020 the first monitoring visit to the Sabié Game Park (SGP), taking all the necessary COVID-19 security measures.

The main objective of the visit was to train the SGP team on BIOFUND’s monitoring procedures as well as to collect information on patrolling, inspection, conservation and community involvement activities. The visit also served to integrate new members of the program team.

The SGP is located in the province of Maputo, in the district of Moamba, has an area of 30,000 ha and is characterized by a rich terrestrial biodiversity with emphasis on buffalo, giraffe, rhino and elephant.

As one of the eight privately managed Conservation Areas benefiting from the fund, the park has the support of BIOFUND to pay 50% of the wage costs of the 15 rangers, as a way to reduce the impact of the loss of tourism revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain an active ranger force in the field.