Published at 24/09/2020

Sailors Trained in the Conservation of Marine Ecosystems in the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park

In August, the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (PNAB) started training for sailors in codes of conduct for marine wildlife, with the main objective of involving local partners in the active conservation of marine ecosystems in the PNAB.

With the end scheduled for September, the training consisted of sharing general information about the PNAB and Codes of Conduct that guide sailors, as a way to protect various marine species, such as  dugongs, turtles, whalesand coral reefs, among others.

This capacity building has allowed alignment in the communication between the communities and the park. We believe that, with the information provided here, the community will be more motivated and responsible for the protection and conservation of the park’s natural resources”said António Cuhanha, a sailor and a member of the local community.

This activity is part of the improvement in the relations between the PNABand the local communities, as a way of expanding knowledge of the Conservation Areas and the importance of protecting the ecosystems.

The PNAB consists of the islands of Bangué, Magaruque, Benguérra, Bazarutoand Santa Carolina. It covers an area of 1,430 km² and benefits from financial support from the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) for the payment of operational costswithin the scope of the Abelha project, since 2018. For more information about the training access here.