Published at 15/09/2022

BIOFUND facilitates environmental awareness lecture

The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND, conducted a lecture to promote good environmental practices on September 9, 2022, in an event promoted by the Municipality of Maputo City that took place at Força do Povo Secondary School, in the Municipal District of KaMavota, Maputo province.

Through the lecture, several young people and teenagers were called to be aware of small actions that are good for the environment and biodiversity, such as good waste management, planting trees, avoiding water pollution and uncontrolled fires.

This activity, attended by around 2270 people, especially students from Força do Povo Secondary School  and other schools around KaMavota Municipal District, is part of the environmental education and awareness campaign that takes place within the scope of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Foundation, under the theme “Let’s do more for biodiversity”, where through various actions, BIOFUND seeks to raise the general public’s awareness of good environmental practices and the conservation of biodiversity.

The BIOFUND lecture is part of the KaMavota Book Festival event, an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Maputo City, through the Culture and Tourism Municipal Council, aimed at stimulating students’ literary interest, promoting reading and bringing the books to the community.

Follow BIOFUND platforms and keep an eye on the different actions carried out within the scope of the campaign “let’s do more for biodiversity”!