Published at 11/07/2022


The 10th General Assembly of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND took place on July 7, 2022, in Maputo, and was attended by about 50 people, including representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions connected to the conservation sector.

At this session, the 2021 activity report was presented and approved, with the highlight being the 2022 funding, with more than USD 20M for 31 public and privately managed Conservation Areas across the country; the approval of 10 new members of the General Assembly; and the presentation and approval of BIOFUND’s new statutes, updated based on the new “foundations law” which transfers a series of legal responsibilities from the General Assembly to the Board of Directors.

The BIOFUND 10th anniversary campaign was also launched, which is aimed at disseminating the main results achieved during the first 10 years of existence, promote environmental responsibility through the dissemination environmental awareness messages and reinforce our commitment to conservation of biodiversity in Mozambique.

This celebration will include several actions that aim to praise the efforts of several partners of the conservation community in the scope of the implementation of several projects for the conservation of biodiversity in Mozambique.

A point to highlight in this session is the growth perspective of BIOFUND, which currently has a portfolio of 16 projects, which support 18 Conservation Areas in Mozambique. Next year, BIOFUND foresees a growth in the number of projects (about USD 100M for the next 5 years) to support 25 Conservation Areas, extending its support to more marine and coastal areas, capacity building, training and more comprehensive environmental education, as well as greater engagement of the private sector and community conservation areas.

Keep an eye for upcoming publications and learn more about BIOFUND’s 10 years!