Published at 02/12/2022


The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND – on 25 November inaugurated its permanent exhibition hall and its new offices.

Participating in this event were some members of BIOFUND, and its main partners and donors.

During the event, the guests had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and the new BIOFUND office, and also enjoy a moment of relaxation.

The first exhibition in this permanent hall, which should be on display for about six months, has, as its main focus, the presentation of the main institutional timelines and projects supported by BIOFUND during its first 10 years of existence. Later, the content of the exhibition hall will be regularly updated so as to present content relevant to the promotion of knowledge and awareness about the conservation of biodiversity.

The exhibitions are a component of communication and education, part of a series of actions in which BIOFUND is investing to promote a favourable environment for the conservation of biodiversity. Since 2015, more than 16,850 people have visited biodiversity exhibitions held by BIOFUND, where they have obtained information about biodiversity and about the actions that BIOFUND and its partners have been undertaking for its conservation.

The doors of the exhibition hall will be open for public visits as from 18 January 2023. Visits are expected from various interest groups, from primary and secondary school pupils, to institutions linked to the conservation of biodiversity.