Published at 22/06/2020

Biofund holds the pre-launch of the PLCM in an online event – webinar, under the theme “Opportunities and challenges for young people in the leadership of the Conservation sector”

The pre-launch of the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Program (PLCM) was held from 4 to 11 June 2020 in partnership with ANAC, the Gorongosa National Park and WWF. The main objective of this initiative was to attract young people from different parts of the country to the Biodiversity Conservation Sector in Mozambique.

More than 400 participants took part in the event, mostly young people who came from all provinces in the country, as well as professionals from various organisations of the Conservation Sector.

The first session was marked by a vigorous debate on the challenges facing conservation professionals, led by panellists Berta Guambe, from the Gorongosa National Park, Paulo Barros, from the National Administration of Conservation Areas – ANAC, and Lara Muaves, of WWF Mozambique. The debate was moderated by Denise Nicolau of BIOFUND. The panellists had the opportunity to share their personal experiences, stressing their humility, perseverance, audacity, and passion for conservation.

To be a conservationist is to exceed your expectations, it is to be persevering and humble“. Stressed Lara Muaves, one of the panellists. They also shared the various opportunities that their organisations have undertaken with the special involvement of young people.

The second session, at which the panellists were the PLCM beneficiaries in the various activities of internship, research subventions and volunteering, centred on the sharing of experiences and on the motivation of the beneficiaries in contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.

Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, the event was held through the digital platforms Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live of PLCM. As a result of the success of the event, BIOFUND will continue to bank on further similar sessions of debate and sharing of experiences, contributing towards greater involvement of young people in conservation.

Watch the recording of the event through the Facebook link.