Published at 30/06/2020

More than 1500 people involved in the contest “films for awarness” on the impact of marine pollution

The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND, promoted a contest called “Films for Awareness” celebrated on the 8th of June, under the motto “Innovation for Sustainability of the Oceans: Clean Sea, Protected Ecosystem”. The contest was led by the first group of interns of the Leadership Program for the Conservation of Mozambique – PLCM

For the contest, children aged between 13 and 17 were challenged to make a short movie from home about the importance of the oceans.

The contest had a total of 26 participants who underwent two evaluations, a preliminary evaluation made by an internal jury, where the top 6 were picked to go to a public evaluation, carried out through counting likes on the PLCM’s FACEBOOK page, with this vote determining the 3 winners of the contest. Overall, more than 1500 people participated in this process!

First place was awarded to 13-year-old Fiona Romeu Chaúque, a 9th Class student residing in the Province of Gaza, specifically in Chokwé District. Happy to be the winner, Fiona Chaúque commented: “It is rewarding to participate in contests like these, which aim to transform our minds regarding our care for the oceans“.

Second place was awarded to 14-year-old Délia Chaúque, a 10th class student, residing in Gaza Province, Chokwé District. Delia Chaúque also could not hide her satisfaction, saying that she feels very happy and honored to be one of the winners of this important contest for the conservation of the oceans.

And Third place went to Shelton Feliciano, 16 years old, a 10th Class student, residing in the City of Maputo. For Shelton Feliciano, the participation in the contest was an opportunity to show the importance of biodiversity conservation for nature and for the society that inhabits it.

Through this initiative, the participants showed what they know about the importance of the oceans and helped raise awareness of the public to choose a responsible posture, avoiding some improper practices that harm the oceans.

The contest was created with the aim of involving young people as agents of awareness in raising awareness about the importance of the oceans in our daily lives and the need for their conservation.

Congratulations to all for a beautiful job!

Watch the video of the winners of the contest here!