Published at 24/11/2020

BIOFUND signs 1st subvention agreement under the "PROMOTE Biodiversity" programme, to support the Gilé National Park.

With financing from the European Union, the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND, signed, in November 2020, the first subvention agreement under the “PROMOTE Biodiversity” programme, with the François Sommer Foundation/International Foundation for Wildlife Management  – FFS-IGF  – to the approximate value of 2.3 million Euros for direct support to the Gilé National Park, until, 2025.

Through the signing of this agreement, it is intended to add value to the long experience of technical and financial assistance carried out by FFS-IGF, in support of the management and administration of the Gilé National Park, with a focus on strengthening the capacity to inspect biodiversity, based on the Technical Agreement on the Management and Development of the Gilé National Park, signed in 2007 between the National Administration of Conservation areas ANAC and the FFS-IGF.

This project fits into the subvention contract between BIOFUND and the European Union, in the context of implementing the “PROMOTE Biodiversity” project, which intends to disburse 10.2 million Euros under the management of BIOFUND. The project seeks to cover 3 geographical areas in Zambezia and Nampula provinces – namely, Mount Mabu, the Gilé National Park, and the Protected Area of the First and Second Islands.